Whatever Happened to the Heart

by Ken Davis



Howard, Krillud or Abbott - it doesn't make a difference. Australia has lost it's heart to greedy, selfish Thatcherism.


Rob from the poor
Give it to the rich
Tax cuts, bribes and promises
Its hard to tell which is which

Shame the single mothers
Play the unemployed
Welfare bludgers, on the beach
Pensioners paranoid

They're not to blame
But still the shame
Keeps coming around again

Whatever happened to the heart of this country
(Whatever happened) to the spirit of this land
What about standing by your mate through thick and thin
Passing round the hat, and lending a hand
We got to stand with the disadvantaged
Care about the poor and the refugees
Compassion is the heart, the heart of our country.
Compassion is the heart, the heart of our country.

We got citizens in jail
Innocent of crime
Starin at the worst case
Puttin on a brave face,
Doing the hardest time

Time to run for cover
Shelter from the storm
Terror in the workplace, terror at home
Wishing you'd never been born

The user-pays
The loser prays
The winner takes it all

Whatever happened to the heart


released June 17, 2014
Words and Music by Ken Davis



all rights reserved


Ken Davis Koonawarra, Australia

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